spring 2003
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>> Mark Napier
>> Diane Ludin
>> GH Hovagimyan
>> Ricardo Dominguez
>> Fran Herbello
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A photographic exhibition organized by The Alernative Museum for the Flint Institute of Arts
The goals of the project are to urge viewers to see themselves not just as citizens of a country—but of the world—and to bring awareness about the ongoing causes of current human rights conflicts around the globe.
George Azar, Donna De Cesare, Carol Guzy , Yannis Kontos , David Dare Parker , Lucian Perkins
An international photography exhibition created by The Alternative Museum for The Nathan Cummings Foundation)
The following were made possible through grants from the following: National Endowment for the Arts, The Starry Night Foundation, The Department of Cultural Affairs for the City of New York, New York State Council on the Arts.
M. River & T. Whid Art Associates
Five Small Videos About Interruption And Disappearing
Five Small Videos About Interruption And Disappearing were inspired by early video-based performance work. MTAA were intrigued by the repetitive gestures and everyday actions in early video artwork. These Five Small Videos are MTAA's update of the form and themes of this earlier video work.

Mark Napier
"My goal with this work is to create a tactile and reactive "world" in which a single click results in an infinite variety of generated designs. Once activated by the visitor, these three "fundamental particles" generate a rich and complex world of responses."

Diane Ludin
Viral Portraits
"Viral Portraits are a series of Internet based montages combining key components of diseases sequenced for databanks of the future; Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Hodgkin’s, and HIV:AIDS."

GH Hovagimyan
Love Songs From My Computer
Love Songs From My Computer comes from Hovagimyan's involvement with text based conceptual art. Although he's not a trained musician he likes to work with musical ideas.

Ricardo Dominguez
FadeFoward is a series of photographs and text from different Zapatistas events and actions during the last 3 years.

Non-Digital Photography
Fran Herbello
 In Our Own Likeness, (A IMAXE E SEMELLANZA)
"I like to play with everyday elements creating new situations which break the usual way of seeing the familiar I carve on the skin, I make ephimeral interventions which I document with thuthful, scientifically rigorous blak and white images."